Do you place orders for customer via phone or email?

We regret that at this time we do not offer additional support for order placement. All orders must be placed through SlayGirlBoutique.Com or through the catalog by the customer to ensure accuracy and privacy.


I can’t get into my account and need help resetting my password.

We can help. Just click the Password Reset link to submit your email address. You will receive instructions on how to reset your password to log into your account. For further assistance, please create a ticket.

Where do I check my order status?

Order status for all orders placed when you are logged in are located under My Account.


I live in GA, but want to ship to another state. Will I be charged taxes?

If your shipping destination is anywhere within the state Georgia, taxes will be applied to order. Any orders shipping within the remaining 47 continental United States will not be charged taxes.


Where do I apply my coupon?

Coupons codes can be applied during checkout via the shopping cart or checkout page.


Which payment methods does your website accept?

Currently, we accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, e-Gift Cards, and Slayed Wallet as payment options. For more information and details, please click here.

How do I edit e-gift card information?

If the recipient’s email address, your name, or optional gift message needs to be changed, click on the item from your shopping cart. You will be brought back to the gift card page to edit your information.

I received an e-Gift card. How do I redeem it?

e-Gift cards can be redeemed by clicking the Redeem button from the email you received or by copying your unique gift card code and pasting it in the gift card field via the shopping cart page.

How can I check my e-Gift card balance?

Your gift card balance can be checked by adding an item to your shopping cart and applying your gift card to the merchandise. The remaining balance will appear for you. If you are having trouble or need assistance, please create a ticket and we will be happy to check the balance for you.

What is My Slayed Wallet?

My Wallet is a feature located under My Account and can also be accessed in the navigation toolbar when viewing the website from a desktop/laptop. My Wallet keeps track and manages your account’s budget to apply to your purchase at your convenience during checkout and/or Wallet Topups.


How often is merchandise restocked?

Items located through our website and catalog are extremely limited. We regret that at this time once an item has sold out, it is rare that it will be restocked. However, if you have any questions regarding size, color, available quantity, etc, that you see in the boutique or in the catalog, please submit a product inquiry and we will try our best to provide the answer you’re searching for.


I received an email regarding a new referral, but did not receive my 10% coupon code.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. To have this issue addressed, please forward the referral email that you received to slayed@slaygirlboutique.com. We will use that to provide you with your unique referral discount code.


How much is shipping cost?

When you place your order through SlayGirlBoutique.Com Directly, shipping charges will occur and are $4.99 per $49.99 order unless any promotions or discounts have been applied. Free shipping is applied during checkout when your subtotal reaches $50 or more. Simultaneously, all items ships free when orders are placed through our catalog.


Is an account required to complete a purchase through the catalog?

No, you do not have to have an account to place orders through our catalog. Creating an account via our catalog site is completely optional. After adding items to your cart, you will be taken to the checkout page to complete your purchase.

My Slay Girl Boutique Gift card will not apply to my catalog order.

As our catalog’s ordering database is different from our direct website’s, SGB gift cards are unable to be applied to catalog purchases. Please create a ticket to have your gift card converted into a catalog coupon.

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